Obsideo Announced with Reveal Trailer

Obsideo Announced with Reveal Trailer

Co-op psychological horror game Obsideo, has been revealed with a creepy trailer to haunt your nightmares, and daymares dependent on your shift pattern.

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Obsideo is a 1-4 player online co-op psychological horror, where you and your team of priests explore different locations experiencing paranormal events in an attempt to figure out what ghost they’re dealing with, and remove it from the property.

You will use your ghost hunting equipment, along with a ‘Ghostpedia’ to try and locate where the ghost is, and the type of ghost you’re dealing with.


Obsideo focuses more on paying attention to context clues and what the ghost looks like, and how it interacts with the environment, as opposed to finding specific item clues and basing everything off that, this allows for a lot more replayability and keeps each playthrough unique.

I also wanted everything to revolve around exorcisms, therefor every item that the ghost interacts with (Spirit box, EMF, Geiger Counter), all changes how you approach an exorcism.


Game Features

  • Terrifyingly Realistic Ghost AI: Not only can they always hear you, but the ghosts will use their own knowledge of the house against you and attempt to cut you off or trap you in dead zones with nowhere to hide or escape.
    Unique Ghosts: Over 15 different ghosts to try and exorcise, all with different traits, personalities, and abilities.
  • Equipment: Use popular ghost hunting equipment, such as EMF Readers, Thermometers, and RemPods to make contact with the ghost, and find out how to exorcise it from the house.
  • Immersive Experience: All our houses are modeled to scale off real-world houses, along with having life-like graphics, Obsideo also features realistic ambient sounds that will completely immerse you within its world.
  • Intent Recognition: Talk to the ghosts with your real voice through your microphone and they will completely understand almost everything you say, along with deciding exactly how they want to reply to that.

A Word from the Developer

Obsideo is still in the early stages of development and everything will probably change and evolve as time goes on.

I will be releasing this on steam late next month, and this is just a place to speed that up and allows people to help support development if they like the look of the game!

Anyone who buys a key here WILL be emailed a Steam key once I release it there.


Obsideo is coming to Steam soon, so keep your eyes peeled for this and ghosts of course!

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