July 3, 2022

Not interested in No Mans Sky? Try Low Mem Sky instead, for free!

Game developer, Paul Nicholas, has created his own web browser version of No Mans Sky in 8-Bits!

We all know how large the universe is in No Mans Sky and this is no different.   With around 180,000,000,000 star systems, each with up to 8 procedurally generated planets to visit, you are not going to be finishing this one anytime soon.

What makes the game even more remarkable is that Paul Nicholas made the game in just 12 days.  Whilst it does not have the graphics of No Mans Sky or some of the features (Mining, animal species, usable space stations etc) it is still an impressive feat.

Check out the gameplay video below:

Paul Nicholas made the game using Pico-8 for DemakeJam 2018 and you can play the game right here!

You can also check out some of Paul’s other games on LIQUIDREAM.

*Sources: PC GamerItch.io.

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