May 27, 2022

Norman Reedus “In Talks to do Other Stuff” with Hideo Kojima

Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima have a lovely friendship. So much so, that Reedus and Kojima could already be in talks to work on “other stuff” beyond Death Stranding

Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima had a hugely successful (if different) team-up in Kojima’s Death Stranding. For anyone unaware of how the two are linked; Reedus portrayed the main protagonist Sam Porter Bridges.

Reedus recently took part in an interview with Wired. Within said interview, Reedus suggested that Kojima and he is considering working on another project again in the future.

On the question of how Reedus got involved with Death Stranding, Reedus said how he got a call from director Guillermo Del Toro, who said:

“…a guy named Hideo Kojima is gonna call you. Just say ‘yes'”.

From there, Reedus and Kojima met up at San Diego Comic-Con and went on to become good friends. Reedus ends that comment segment by saying:

“…we did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff”.

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Naturally, that’s the extent of the information right now. Kojima has not said anything about a project with Reedus yet. He has mentioned how he has already started working on a new project, which, again, is as much information that we have currently.

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