Nobody Saves The World Has Just Been Announced

Nobody Saves The World Has Just Been Announced

Monsters have invaded your world and it’s up to the powerful Nostramagus to stop the calamity and save the world. However, the Nostramagus is missing and so is his magic wand.

Nobody Saves the World is the latest game from Guacamelee creators Drinkbox Studios. You are Nobody, an insignificant pale shape who aren’t really good at anything, in particular. That is until you happen upon the lost magic wand of Nostramagus. The wand lets Nobody shapeshift and take on new forms which come in quite handy seeing as Nobody Saves the World has an extreme number of dungeons for you to complete.

For every quest, Nobody solves he will get a new form that can be used to finish more quests, beat bosses and solve puzzles in the randomly generated levels. You can even combine powers from different forms to make some really cool-looking new powers. The devious levels require you to really think outside the box and experiment with different forms if you want to succeed in saving the world.

It seems as if Drinkbox has combined to best bits from Guacamelee and Severed to make a really original-looking game. Nobody Saves the World is set to arrive “soon-ish” and it’s coming straight to Xbox game-pass. Check out the full announcement trailer below and stay tuned for more updates about Nobody Saves the World.

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