May 23, 2022

No Straight Roads is A Rockin’ Action-Adventure Game

Sold Out and Metronomik collaborated for the rockin’ action-adventure game, No Straight Roads, featuring a kick-ass soundtrack. Takedown the evil EDM empire.

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No Straight Roads follows indie-rock band members Mayday and Zuke, who aim to lead a revolution against the corrupt EDM empire. Your objective is to start a rock band & end the EDM empire. No Straight Roads is a rockin’, action-adventure game that mashes together rhythm-infused third-person combat with a kick-ass soundtrack!

It’s mainly a hack-and-slash game with some rhythm elements. Your aim is to take down eight different bosses across the multiple districts of Vinyl City. Each district is inspired by a different genre of music. You control both of the main characters and you can play solo or co-op. Mayday is the outspoken guitarist and Zuke is on drums.

Mayday on guitars and Zuke on drums. Shows the main protagonists in the game

Not Just A Hack-&-Slash

There is more to it than killing a boss or two. In-between battles, you can wander around, talk to your fans, and discover collectables. You can even use these collectables to power up things like lights, which will give you more fans that can, in turn, to be used for upgrades.

Mayday and Zuke’s headquarters is in a bunker. Within the bunker, you can equip different mods and stickers for various buffs and new skills, and even just sit in a room and feed a crocodile. As you do.

Publisher Sold Out and developer Metronomik announced No Straight Roads will launch on 25th August 2020. The game will be available digitally for PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This is alongside physical PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions. A physical Nintendo Switch edition will launch at a later date.

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Alongside the release date announcement, the companies also released a demo version of the game available from the Epic Games Store. Meanwhile, a mini soundtrack selection is available to purchase or stream from multiple digital music stores and services.

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