May 17, 2022

No Man’s Sky to Receive Even More Content

You wanted more No Man’s Sky content? You got it. Sean Murray has revealed the Living Ships update, coming soon to all good space-faring explorations soon.

No Man’s Sky has been the epitome of phoenix-like resurrections in the gaming industry. Released with bare-bones space exploration, developers Hello Games promised the universe and gave us little more than a wander in a dark field.

And then came their big update.

Now, the game is actually worth playing and lives up to the promises Sean Murray and co. promised way back when. But, there could always be more, as they say.

Murray recently took to Twitter to announce the “Living Ships Update“, which makes No Man’s Sky even more lived-in. Literally.


  • Living Void Ships – which, as you may have deduced already are living ships. As in, the ships are organic, biologically alive, sentient beings
  • Organic Technologies
  • Origin Story Mission
  • Tentacle Cockpit
  • Varied Space Encounters
  • Space NPCs and
  • General Quality of Life Improvements

We won’t spoil too much of what the update will involve – you can go out and purchase it for yourself and experience the wonder that is No Man’s Sky: Living Ship. Check out the trailer below and visit No Man’s Sky‘s website for further details.

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