No Man’s Sky Adds Pets to Mark Fifth Anniversary

No Man’s Sky Adds Pets to Mark Fifth Anniversary

No Man’s Sky will be starting its fifth anniversary by introducing “adoptable” pets for players.

The ‘Companions’ update will see players taking care of their new-found friends. In return, they’ll find hidden resources and protecting us from potentially hostile aliens!

Or, you can play God and genetically modify your pets eggs in order to breed unique creations. Choice is yours really.

Furthermore, if you lose your pet somewhere, you’ll be able to summon them anywhere. Even on-board the Space Anomaly.

A (Space)Man’s Best Friend

You’ll be able to play with them, feed them, watch them grow, and generally bond with them – much like a real pet. However, unlike real pets, using a neural link with your spacesuit, you’ll be able to hear their thoughts and feelings, in a rudimentary translation. Want to know if you’re new friend actually likes you or not? Hello Games has you covered.

Additionally, you can customise any pet you want, with accessories and decals aplenty. Plus, you can adopt up to six companions at any one time, as well as renaming them, and making them suit your tastes (or their personality). And, if you want to start anew, you can release them back into the wild at any time.

And There’s More…

The Companions Update also brings about a fresh array of game improvements and bug patches. We won’t detail all of them here [you can peruse them at your leisure on the NMS Companion Update page], however, you can expect improvements, such as;

  • Players using a mouse and keyboard can now use hotkeys to directly select options in dialogue menus and interactions
  • Players using a gamepad can now use the analogue sticks rather than the cursor to move between options in dialogue menus and interactions
  • Warp and loading times on PS4 have been significantly improved
  • New creature and companion-related titles have been added to the Appearance Modifier
  • The construction cost of Creature Pellets has been increased
  • The stack size of Creature Pellets has been increased
  • Creatures no longer require advanced bait to unlock harvesting functions – any creature that has been fed may now be milked
  • Giant creatures can now be ridden
  • And more. As we said, you can peruse the full list at your own leisure.
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The Companions Update is live as of 17th February. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and Catch ’em all. Wait.