May 25, 2022

No Man’s Sky Adds Mech Suits for Combat and Traversal

Is Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky the game that keeps on giving? The team recently added mech suits for players to roam around in. Yes, please!

No Man’s Sky, the game that keeps on giving, has launched yet another massive expansion.

Hello Games’ ever-expanding universe-sim has recently added Mech suits for pilots. Arriving 7th April, the Exo Mech Update brings the “Minotaur Exocraft” mech suit with it.

Players can pilot the Minotaur in the same ways they do their current ships. However, these being walking mech suits, players can also traverse the surface of the planets they arrive on. The suit can withstand extreme weather conditions and hostile terrains. Plus, it stomps around in a rather delightful manner, too.

That’s not the only thing that the Exocraft Update brings, however. Solar panels have recently been added to the game, allowing for easier engine recharges. The usual array of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements have also been implemented.

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All the details can be found in Hello Games’ patch notes. No Man’s Sky is available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Plus, it currently has a 50% off sale on PC and Xbox (with an active Gold account) and 57% off on the PlayStation store. If you’re yet to try it out, now would be a great time to get in on the action.

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