Nintendo’s Mobile Revenue Reaches $1 Billion

Nintendo’s Mobile Revenue Reaches $1 Billion

The landscape of Nintendo’s mobile market might not always be the most wholesome. However, no-one can argue against Nintendo’s net income from their mobile games.

Within the last few years, Nintendo has made over $1 billion in revenue from mobile games alone. As reported by Sensor Tower, across Nintendo’s six mobile games, the staggering figure has been reached within a mere five years.

Clearly, Fire Emblem Heroes is the main earner for Nintendo. Released in 2017, Heroes has generated $656 million for the company on its own, earning the lion’s share of the revenue.

That isn’t to say that Nintendo’s other top-earners are a slouch, however.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost have both amassed well over $120 million each.

Nintendo’s most recent game, Mario Kart Tour brought in $86 million, whilst Super Mario Run pulled in $76 million.

Dr Mario World only pulled in $4.8 million. Still an impressive figure, of course, but comparatively underwhelming.

Whilst the figures don’t lie, interestingly, Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t the most-downloaded game in Nintendo’s collection. At 244 million downloads (equivalent to 54%), Super Mario Run is by far the most popular game.

Fire Emblem Heroes only accounts for around 4% of Nintendo’s 452 million mobile download totals. This works out at an average of around $41 spent in-game per download.

Regardless of the outrage that mobile games usually endure, you can’t argue against the validity of the market for developers. That’s not to say we condone mobile games, of course. Each to their own, after all.

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