May 22, 2022

Nintendo to Showcase Partner Games in Today’s “Direct Mini” Stream

nintendo direct mini

Opening up my laptop this morning, I almost fell out of bed. Bayonetta 3 is currently trending on Twitter. As Nintendo announce their next Partner Showcase in the guise of a “Nintendo Direct mini” event later today, I can almost see the pentagon forming, the inimitable witch and her devilish crew materialising before my eyes.

But alas, just like the deviant temptress herself, it was all a lie. I scrolled though thousands of tweets from fans describing in minute detail how unlikely any more news would be forthcoming on our gun-toting Madame. I snuffed out the candles, put away the sacrificial chicken and threw away the salt. Even the chicken seemed disappointed.

But never-mind, there’s a lot of other games that could very well be announced to tickle our taste buds, if not sate our sadism in exactly the way we wanted. Here are some potential candidates for coverage later today.

Metroid Prime 4

Now being developed by Retro Studios, in fact owned by Nintendo, describes itself as a partner. Could Samus save us from bitter disappointment?

The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild 2

Unlikely to feature as this is produced by Nintendo themselves, but with a fan-base greedy for more details you never know.

Hollow Knight – SilkSong

Still without a release date, the sequel to Team Cherry’s exceptional debut release back in 2017 is much anticipated. Due for release as a switch exclusive, this would be a very welcome inclusion in today’s event

Doom Eternal 

Originally scheduled for release alongside the PS4 and Xbox, the switch release was delayed until later this year. If we can’t get our demonic fix from Platinum Games, perhaps Doom guy can fill that particular hole. Or at least punch one through a demon or 2.

No More Heroes 3

We know that NMH 3 was originally scheduled for release this year. But whether that’s still on the cards post pandemic remains to be seen. A contender, for sure.

Will all of these games make an appearance later today? Unlikely, but even more unlikely is that none will. It’s certainly some fanciful speculation on our part, and a little wishful thinking, but with the event scheduled for 3pm GMT there’s not long to wait before the big reveal.

Nintendo Direct Mini is scheduled for 10am ET, 3pm GMT today. Let us know what you;d most like to see revealed in the comments below.

Source: The Verge

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