Nintendo Switch Users Accounts Hacked

Nintendo Switch Users Accounts Hacked

In what appears to be a string of attacks, numerous Nintendo Switch owners have reported unauthorised account access attempts on their devices.

Pixelpar noted the news on Twitter. His own account was breached numerous times overnight.

“I suspect Nintendo may have had a major security breach. My account was accessed numerous times overnight.

My password is a unique string and my PC is definitely clean (not that I ever login via it).

Lots of similar reports on Reddit/Twitter.

Unlink PayPal & enable 2FA folks!”

There have been multiple reports online about attempts coming in from the US and the EU. Many of the hacked accounts noted how their PayPal was used to purchase Fortnite V-Bucks.

Nintendo of America noted about enabling an enhanced verification system for your own accounts. You can do so using a number of various systems, including the Google Authenticator App (which is available on Android and iOS devices).

Make sure you’re safe out there, people. The world is in a bad enough state as it is without finding £150+ has been taken out of your PayPal account.

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