July 5, 2022

Nintendo Switch update 5.0.1

Earlier this month Nintendo released update 5.0. Nothing unusual there, until you looked into the patch notes and realised this was a very large, very important update for them. This update was patching a few large holes in the Switch security protocols, this mainly resulted in a variety 3rd party accessories no longer functioning on the Switch. This was a definite blow to a lot of users and not something that was actually mentioned in the Patch notes

So its strange that a 2nd update has appeared within such a short space of time. Acording to the patch notes, this one is the usual and very generic ‘system stability improvements’.

With no direct details regarding what this update is for, many have speculated its an update to ‘fix’ the 3rd party issues the 5.0. update created.

*source Nintendo Enthusiast

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