May 22, 2022

Big Nintendo Switch Update Out Now

Update version 10.0 just rolled out for the Nintendo Switch. And along with comes a multitude of new features and neat novelties.

Fresh Memory

One of the key features, of the fresh update, is certainly the fact that we can now transfer data from the console’s internal storage to any SD-card, of our choosing. And vice-versa. However, we still won’t be able to transfer our save-data, for no apparent reason.

A-B-X-Y Confusion Tactics

One of the great conundrums in modern day gaming is the question: where is the X-button supposed to be? Every platform maker, wether it’s console or indeed PC has an X-button somewhere. Well, Nintendo has finally rendered this particular branch of philosophy obsolete, with update 10.0.

With the new feature to remap the buttons on the Joy-Cons, you can now decide for yourself what the buttons do and set them to your own preference.

For the entire list of news check out Nintendo’s support page.

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