Nintendo Switch Sales Overtake SNES Figures

Nintendo Switch Sales Overtake SNES Figures

According to The Verge, The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time.

Within its last sales quarter (which included the past holiday season), it sold in excess of 10 million units. This brings the Switch’s 2019 total sales to 52.48 million units sold.

Again, that is within one year.

This may not be a surprise for anyone who already has a Switch, of course. What may be surprising to you though is this little tidbit. The Switch is now the third-best-selling Nintendo home console of all time.

The previous third-best-selling home console was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Released back in 1991 in America, the SNES achieved a lifetime sales figure of 49.1 million units sold worldwide.

Time to Switch Things Up

The festive period series saw the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield as well as Luigi’s Mansion 3. The combined sales figures for these games alone comes to over 21 million copies sold.

Inarguably, these games helped shift a fair amount of the Switch’s sale figures.

For anyone wondering where the Switch ranks amongst the other Nintendo home consoles, it now sits behind the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Wii. The NES, launched in 1983, had lifetime sale total of 61.91 million units, whilst 2006’s Wii finished up with 101.63 million units worldwide.

This sales figure also currently puts the Nintendo Switch in the top eight all-time best-selling home consoles.

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There’s still a fair few years left in the Switch, so by the time the dust has settled, there’s probably going to be a massive shift in those positions.

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