May 25, 2022

Nintendo Switch OLED costs Nintendo just $10 more

Those penny pinchers at Nintendo are set to make a healthy profit on the new OLED Switch model…

In an interesting piece of reporting by Bloomberg, it appears the OLED screen update in the Nintendo Switch OLED costs Nintendo just $10 more in production costs. For those not in the know, the new iteration of the console will launch in October this year. It will feature a 7inch OLED screen, a new kick stand, increased internal storage of 64GB and a LAN port for the dock. Ultimately though, there is no performance difference between this and existing Switch & Switch Lite models. There is, however, an increase on the RRP of $50 from $300 to $350 with the OLED version.

Nintendo Switch

As the Bloomberg article points out, price rises for consoles that bring no additional performance upgrades are rare. In this example, Nintendo are the outliers – for example the PS4 Pro brought a performance boost and bigger cost. The similarly released Slim model simply released the standard PS4 offering in terms of cost. Reactions have been mixed, with some critics feeling the new features are not enough to justify a price hike of that amount. Others though, see it as a strong move by Nintendo. The Switch is still selling very well after all. This will just keep attention on the handheld.

The PS4 Pro cost more but the Slim edition kept the original RRP.

Nintendo Switch OLED costs Nintendo just $10 – is that fair?

Nintendo, as a platform holder, differ from the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Whereas the two tech giants launch consoles at a loss to attract punters, Nintendo maintains profits on all its hardware. The same appears to be the case here It shouldn’t surprise that the unit cost of $10 is being added with a healthy slice of profit. Still, with the recent announcement of the Steam Deck – the first real competitor to the Switch since inception – one has to ask if this will help sales or start to see them flatline.

What do you think? Are you interested in the silky OLED screen and, er, kickstand? Let us know below

Source [Bloomberg]

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