July 6, 2022

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Available Now

Nintendo’s paid online service doesn’t have a concrete release date, but you can now buy a prepaid subscription and prepare yourself for the inevitable.

A 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription is available for £19.99 at Amazon right now, while a 3-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription is available for £7.99. The product page says Amazon will email you once the service is available.

During its earnings report in April, Nintendo said it planned to reveal more details on its Switch online service in early May. One of Nintendo’s biggest announcements regarding the Switch’s online service is its cloud saves for Switch games. No further, concrete details were given at the time, other than an acknowledgement of the Switch cloud saves future existence.

Classic NES games are also coming to Nintendo’s paid online service, including classics like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Tennis. All told, Nintendo revealed 10 NES titles out of a promised 20 coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told us he sees Nintendo Switch Online as the successor to Nintendo’s Virtual Console, a classic gaming service that’s been with us since the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo owners during the Wii era might remember a Virtual Console lead-up survey that first introduced the idea of a subscription-based classic Nintendo gaming service.

Original Source. IGN.

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