Nintendo Offer FREE Steelbook Case for Pre-Order of Pokémon Sword/Shield

Nintendo Offer FREE Steelbook Case for Pre-Order of Pokémon Sword/Shield

With a matter of weeks left until the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, people are undoubtedly getting ready. And, if you were considering pre-ordering either title, Nintendo has just made this intriguing offer.

If you pre-order either game whilst stocks last, Nintendo will throw in a free steelbook case for either copy. The thing that makes this intriguing is that the offer is for anyone pre-ordering the digital copy of the games.

Yeah. A physical steelbook case. For a digital game.

Don’t ask us how or why they came up with that idea either. By the looks of things, it only applies to players who pre-order through the European Nintendo E-Store. Both versions retail at £49.99 and will be released on 15th November.

So, does this offer make you want to pre-order either copy even more? Have you already pre-ordered before this announcement? Hopefully, you’ve got enough space on your Switch to play it as the recently revealed file size lets us know the title/s are over double that of the Pokémon Let’s Go games. Pokémon Sword/Shield will take up around 9.5GB of space. For comparison’s sake, Pokémon Let’s Go took up 4.55GB.

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