May 25, 2022

Nintendo of America Donates 9,500 Facemasks to Local Responders

Nintendo of America came through for the City of North Bend, WA and local responders during the ongoing pandemic.

The shortage of medical supplies during this ongoing, global pandemic is of international importance.

People on the frontline try their best to combat the COVID-19 virus with the measures and equipment they have. However, it isn’t always enough.

One unlikely hero in all of this pandemonium has appeared to save the day for a number of local first responders. That hero is none other than Nintendo.

As the story goes, Nintendo of America (whose HQ is located in Washington) dug up some 9,500 N95 respirator masks. These have since been donated around to local responders in and around the city of North Bend.

The company had so many masks for “emergency preparedness planning”. As this situation is probably the most “emergency preparedness” based issue possible right now, Nintendo’s Jerry Danson donated the masks.

The statement concludes with the following message:

“This crisis is unprecedented. The safety and security of community members are paramount in our daily mission. The communities served by the City of North Bend and Eastside Fire & Rescue deeply appreciate the generous donation from Nintendo”.

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