Nintendo Nindies Broadcast Inbound

Nintendo Nindies Broadcast Inbound

Nintendo UK posted up a short tweet today that on Wednesday 23rd January at 2pm (BST) there will be a brand new Nindies broadcast. This is essentially showing highlights of upcoming indie titles, that are set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, either in the next few months or turn out to be brand new game announcements.

So, what can be expected from this show you might ask yourself. Well, first off don’t expect the Nintendo big guns to come out to play here. Instead, there are some key games that have been confirmed by the developers to be coming out for Nintendo Switch, but we don’t have any official gameplay details or a release date for example. Maybe we’ll get some information about Windjammers 2 for example, but of course that is pie in the sky thinking.

More likely candidates for information or releases could be games such as Wargroove, OlliOlli: Switch Stance and possibly the upcoming Shovel Knight expansion, King Of Cards for example that are due for an information boost or are close to a potential release date.

Whatever happens, tune in to Nintendo’s Nindies broadcast tomorrow to find out.

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