July 3, 2022

Nintendo Joins Fanatical

Nintendo has announced that they are teaming up with discount retail saleroom site, Fanatical. Their collaboration comes in time for the release of Pokémon Sword & Shield. Both new titles are available with a 10% discount each.

As announced via Press Release, Nintendo Switch and 3DS digital games will now be available to purchase on Fanatical. This will include the aforementioned Pokémon Sword and Shield which are launching 15th November.

Craig Johnson, Managing Director of Fanatical & Focus Multimedia Ltd said the following on the announcement;

“We’re delighted to have Nintendo on the Fanatical Store alongside our other valued publishers. With the acquisition of EU region titles from a prestigious name such as Nintendo, our customers now have access to an even larger array of quality games at competitive prices”.

Fanatical works by letting visitors purchase digital keys for games at a large discount. This discount can be as low as 5% or as high as 90% off the RRP. Nintendo titles appear to be going for around 5% off their usual prices.

Fanatical Looking Towards Future

Johnson continues, saying;

“Providing officially licensed games and not dealing within the grey key market is paramount to our brand, rewarding the hard-working publishers, developers and partners that we work with, as well as providing our customers with top quality products. This partnership shows our intent to be one of the leading digital entertainment retailers, and we look forward to working closely with Nintendo – and potentially even more partners in the near future”.

Fanatical is proud to officially partner up with Nintendo and mentioned the Japanese companies credentials in their Press Release. Fanatical noted how;

“To date, Nintendo has sold over 4.5 billion video games including leading franchises such as Pokémon, Mario, Fire Emblem and the Legend of Zelda – and more than 710 million hardware units. Any Nintendo Switch games that you purchase from Fanatical will also reward you with Nintendo Gold Points that you can use on the Nintendo eShop or the official Nintendo website”.

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For more information on the Fanatical and Nintendo partnership, head on over to Fanatical’s dedicated page.

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