May 16, 2022

Nintendo files patent for Switch Joy-Con touch pen attachment

June 2019; Nintendo files a patent in the United States of America involving a touch pen attachment for the Switch.

January 2020; details emerge, along with pictures, regarding the patent, it’s design and potential functions.

Rather than a separate stylus altogether, it looks like the touch pen will be an attachment to the existing Joy-Con controller. Players would be able to use the attachment with the touchscreen in portable mode while the Joy-Con are detached from the main system.

Potential game usages can be seen in the patent’s accompanying pictures. Like this one below, in which the controller can be used to touch a box, and the game gives feedback in response making the controller rumble.

Rumble feature adding to functionality

Elsewhere in the patent, we’re able to see a game in which players draw with the touch pen. Then with a press of the button, they can immediately change the thickness of the line drawn. It’s an example of being able to use touch and button inputs with a single controller.

Button inputs working with the stylus

Patents are sometimes just potential ideas so none of this is essentially true. The final product could end up being slightly different or even another thing entirely. Only time will tell if Nintendo ends up moving forward with this in the future.

What do you think to a potential touch pen or stylus? Will it be useful to you or the games that you play?

Let us know in the comments below and, as usual, for all things gaming stay tuned to ABG.


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