Nintendo Drops One of Its Biggest YouTubers – For No Reason

Nintendo Drops One of Its Biggest YouTubers – For No Reason

Nintendo has recently dropped one of its most influential YouTubers Brand Ambassadors.

Wood Hawker’s channel “BeatEmUps“, has nearly one million subscribers.

Weirdly enough, Hawker doesn’t really know why he was dropped either.

As he lists in his video, Hawker theorises that it could have something to do with his “personality” or maybe his advocacy and openness of mental health issues. Kudos, by the way.

Golin – the team who helps run the Ambassador Program – failed to give any further information. They did, however, cite that it was not because of Hawker’s content.

Which, if anything, makes it even weirder.

Maybe the reasons will be brought to life soon. However, one take away we have from Hawker’s video is that the current Programme has been replaced with a new one.

How this affects any certified Nintendo Ambassadors on YouTube remains to be seen.

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What do you think of this move by Nintendo? Are you an avid fan of BeatEmUps? Why not express your feelings on the subject in the comments section below.

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