Nintendo Direct Details Confirmed for E3 2021

Nintendo Direct Details Confirmed for E3 2021

According to the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, Nintendo will attend this year’s E3. Of course, this isn’t anything new, with Nintendo confirming its attendance last month. Perfect named CEO Doug Bowser even shared an uncharacteristically exuberant tweet describing his excitement at attending this year’s digital only event.,

‘It’s going to be great to get the video game industry back together with our fans this June. We’ll make the virtual format fun and engaging. Looking forward to seeing you all in June!’

Bowesr, Nintendo

Uncharacteristic, perhaps because Nintendo hasn’t always had this view of the annual gaming conference to rule them all. Traditionally, the giant Japanese company has taken a less than enthusiastic take on things. In previous years, Nintendo was one of E3’s more notable detractors. It even headed up campaigns to downsize the event back in 2007, ending up with it having to be relocated to the Santa Monica airport for two years.

Nintendo to Focus on Switch Software

But times, they are a’changing. The company will hold it’s E3 Nintendo direct conference on 15th of June, 5pm GMT. According to the tweet, we can tune in for a 40 minute showcase, including “info focused exclusively on #NintendoSwitch software”. Most of the focus will be on things releasing in 2021, and will be immediately followed by 3 hours of gameplay in the #NintendoTreehouseLive.

This is certainly something to look forward, considering it doesn’t spend too much time discussing the merits of that calculator, that is. A couple of key contenders amongst rife speculation is the unveiling of the fabled Swith Pro, or perhaps better, some actual BotW2 gameplay. Just so long as Zelda is a playable character that is.

Then again, knowing Nintendo it could simply be 40 minutes of lesser loved character reveals for super Smash Bros. Unless that roster includes Waluigi, will be keeping everything crossed for something truly spectacular.

Source; Twitter

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