Nintendo Direct Dedicated Exclusively to Pokémon Announced

Nintendo Direct Dedicated Exclusively to Pokémon Announced

This year’s Pokémon Direct will broadcast on 9th January. Yes, less than two months since the release of Pokémon Sword/Shield, we’re getting a Pokémon Direct.

It’s unlikely that a new Pokémon game will be announced. More than likely, it will be an announcement for Pokémon Home with Sword/Shield capabilities.

Still, there’s plenty of speculation that you can put into it. And the only way to find out is to tune in live on YouTube on Thursday.

The Pokémon Direct will broadcast live at 2.30 pm GMT/6.30 am PST/9.30 am EST.

The Pokémon Home app (scheduled for release in early 2020) is our most likely reveal. Aside from that, there’s the intriguing (and not-at-all privacy-intruding) Pokémon Sleep smartphone app. Those are the only Pokémon-themed releases scheduled right now.

Who knows, maybe the Pokémon Company will surprise everybody with something unannounced

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In case you miss it (or don’t want to watch through the 20-minute broadcast, we’ll present the news to you on Thursday ourselves. So, make sure you have your Any Button Gaming social media notifications on!

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