Nintendo 64 Games Get Further Improvements on Switch

Nintendo 64 Games Get Further Improvements on Switch

Nintendo likes to play on our nostalgia when it comes to games. Nearly all of us have at least a few fond memories saving princesses from castles as a moustachioed super plumber or saving other princesses from other castles as the green-capped, long-eared hero of time. And that’s why we were all exalted when Nintendo announced that they were bringing those gaming gems back to the Switch. However, Nintendo’s Switch Online + Expansion Pack turned out to be a real disappointment when it launched.

Although ever since the tepid release Nintendo has been constantly working on the problems and solving issues left and right. A bunch of people online have noticed a graphical improvement with the N64 games. They are also working a lot smoother since the latest updates. Ferchou_27 tweeted some examples showcasing the return on the N64 fog which returned with the most recent update.

Only last month Nintendo released an update improving the reaction time for the controllers, reducing input lag. Some water reflections were also imrproved. Hopefully, Nintendo keeps working on solving all the issues with the Switch Online + Expansion Pack so we can finally enjoy the games that got us into gaming in the first place.

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