Nidhogg II – Nintendo Switch Review

Nidhogg II – Nintendo Switch Review

Nidhogg II is the follow up to the indie hit on the PlayStation 4 and it tries to build and improve on it’s predecessor in every way. In Nidhogg II you are essentially participating in a 1v1 tug-of-war. You must impale and bludgeon your opponent to death whilst trying to get to the other side of the level as the other player repeatedly respawns and tries to stop you.

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The art style is quirky but I wouldn’t say it was an improvement of the original. It does, however, have a slight echo of Armikrog which had a great art style. You have the option to customize your character but this is limited to half a dozen colors and an equal amount of body parts.

The controls are very simple consisting of run, jump and high, middle and low attacks. The skill is in the timing though. Being able to time your lunge is the key to success and can mean the difference between being absolutely battered and being the victor of your bout.

With the options of local and online multiplayer you will be able to have hours of fun stabbing your mates. Just don’t expect to get any random games online as in the 2 weeks I had Nidhogg II I never managed to get a single game online. The servers never connected me to anyone and I never had an opportunity to test private games so I have no idea if they even work. Local multiplayer is a total blast though and with a few mates and a few beers Nidhogg II can rival any fighting game for fun.

Arcade mode allows you to fight AI opponents and work your way through the games many levels, as you would expect. It’s fun but playing against AI is nowhere near as fun as stomping on your mates skull. If you are buying this to play on your own I would probably give it a miss as it gets old fast. It’s too repetitive with no real pay off or variation in arcade mode and this is Nidhogg II’s weakest feature other than the, not fit for purpose, online functionality.

Replay-ability. You are only going to play a few hours of this game at the most, unless you have a few mates to mess about with in local multiplayer, so that depends on your play habits. If you often have mates round to game then it’s worth a look. If not, then unfortunately this game probably isn’t worth the money, unless its on a strong discount or sale.

I really wanted to love Nidhogg II as I was a huge fan of the previous entry but there just isn’t anything other than its local multiplayer that I can recommend. It has the potential to be an absolute blast but whether no-one is playing online or the servers just do not work, it seriously cripples Nidhogg II’s replay-ability and fun factor. On the other hand if you are buying it to play local then you are going to absolutely love it. At the end of my couple of weeks with Nidhogg II I really did not know how to feel about it as it has so much promise but drops the ball in some big ways on the Switch.

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Nidhogg II was reviewed on the Switch by a developer sent code.

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  • 4/10
    Overall - 4/10


Nidhogg II has so much promise and so much potential but unfortunately squanders most of its potential due to a non functioning online presence. Only buy if you want a great local multiplayer game.

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