Niantic demo Pokémon Go using HoloLens

Niantic demo Pokémon Go using HoloLens

Earlier this week, Niantic demoed what Pokémon Go would look like using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 AR headset.

In Pokémon Go already we have the option to use AR (Augmented Reality), when catching Pokémon, however, the HoloLens would use MR (Mixed Reality) to mix real life with the game world.

In the demo, your real-life surroundings are mixed with a layer of Pokémon, which does seem a lot safer than walking down the road, head down looking at your phone! Take a look below!

The demo itself is only a proof of concept at this time, unfortunately. However, it does show what the technology may be capable of in the future, including using your hand as your controller, battle other players and having your buddy actually walk beside you.

Pokémon go
Three starters and two rare Eevee’s in one place…. seems legit

In a blog post written by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, Hanke states the reasoning behind the project:

At Niantic, we see the transformative potential of augmented reality to make lives better for people, especially our Niantic Explorers around the world. AR can enrich daily routines like taking a walk in your neighbourhood or visiting your favourite local spot. There are tremendous benefits to getting outside and connecting with one another, and this is how we envision the true benefits of AR technology: in service of people and communities.

While for the moment any actual consumer use for this may still be in the far future, it seems that playing video games using actual real world surroundings may be closer than we think.

All we need now is a Star Trek style Holodeck…

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