May 25, 2022

Next Hearthstone Expansion Goes Back to School

Blizzard released its cinematic trailer for the next Hearthstone expansion yesterday: Scholomance Academy. Alongside its musical trailer, a number of details about the set were announced. A new keyword, new dual class cards, and most notably another new Hero, Hearthstone’s second since release six years ago.

For those World of Warcraft players among you, you may recognize the name as a Dungeon in WoW, as with many Hearthstone expansions. It will be coming in August 2020, with players able to pre-purchase now.

Blizzard’s Announcement also mentioned a number of updates that would be rolled out as part of the Year of the Phoenix; Battlegrounds and balance changes, solo adventure, seasonal events, and even a new game mode. These are all due to arrive before the Scholomance expansion.

What’s in the expansion?

The expansion marks the release of 135 new cards, of which 40 of these (including 10 legendaries) are dual-class cards. This will mean they will be usable in two classes.

The examples Blizzard gave of dual class cards

A new keyword is coming: Spellburst. With either a weapon or minion in play with a spellburst effect when you cast a spell (not multiple) the spellburst effect takes place.

And finally, Archlich Kel’Thuzad will be making an appearance as a hero. This marks the second time a card has progressed from minion to hero. It may also be an indication of Hearthstone’s direction in the future. Blizzard did not create a new hero for five years after release and have now made two in as many expansions. Although a shake-up of the game is welcome, it does lead me to wonder what will differentiate Kel’Thuzad from other heroes. At this point, we don’t know how the new hero will play.

Finally, for those playing Hearthstone now a new card is available with a unique mechanic; Transfer Student. This card will have a different effect depending on the board you are playing on, a previously unseen mechanic. And best of all, Transfer Student is free to those who log in by October 20th.

Transfer Student - Hearthstone Top Decks
You’ll have to remember the what happens on what board!

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