July 6, 2022

New Year, Same S*** – WWE 2K20 Starts Off 2020 By Not Working!

I mean, you couldn’t even really make this up, could you? In what is perhaps the worst bug to hit the buggiest game of last year, WWE 2K20 decided to one-up itself heading into 2020.

WWE 2K20 stopped being playable when the clocks struck midnight. And we don’t mean “unplayable” in the same sense that it merely riddled with glitches. We mean players literally could not play it. The game reportedly crashed for numerous users whenever they tried to boot it up.

2K was aware of the issue and seemingly have already patched the game so the problem should be playable again.

However, some users noted how, despite the patch, the game still would not work. One Twitter user, Mike (aka The Shining Down), noted one way around the glitch.

If players changed the date on their systems so it was before the new year, it should bypass the glitch. Regardless of if you had to cheat your console’s system or the official patch rectified the problems, it’s fair to say 2K20 won’t be having a great year!

Undoubtedly, whenever the next big glitch makes itself known, we’ll let you know about it.

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