New Xbox One Features Coming Soon

New Xbox One Features Coming Soon

Xbox announced a new set of Xbox One features coming to the system. These features will be rolling out soon to Insiders, and later for everyone else.

The main goal the Xbox team had was to try and simplify the overall look of the home page. The new update, dubbed “February Insider Update (#2002)”, will be out shortly for Insiders.

The rest of Xbox users will be getting this update sometime in March.

“Your feedback since beginning testing of these Home improvements has proven invaluable to building an experience that feels more responsive, keeps your favorite content front and center, and gets you into your gaming experiences faster than ever.”

Bradley Rossetti, Xbox Insider Team Lead

The new home will be removing the “Twist” option from the top of the menus. Instead, the menu will focus on just the Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community, and Microsoft Store options. You will also be able to move and rearrange these as each user sees fit.

My Games & Apps UI Changes

The Xbox Team is trying to bring you a whole slew of new ways to keep the content you like in a more organized way.

Tiles displaying games will now show which games you have that are demos, trials, and which are full games.

Messages now sent from the Xbox Mobile app or the new Xbox (Beta) App for Windows 10 PC, will now display images and GIFs. These images and such can be viewed in full screen on the Xbox.

The next hot feature coming has to do bundles and installation for Game Pass users. Games that came in bundles – such as Shenmue I & II – would normally just download both if you selected it in the Game Pass. Now, you can select each individual part of the bundle to download. This allows you to pick and choose what you would like to download.

These are most of the major points of the update. If you wish to check out the whole list of Xbox One Features, you can find the official post here.

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