New Xbox Controller Update Allows Swap-Synching Between Platforms

New Xbox Controller Update Allows Swap-Synching Between Platforms

Ahead of the Series X/S launch, Xbox touted the cross-platform applications of its newest controller.

The controllers could and would make it easier to use your controller on PC, mobile, and, obviously, consoles.

Furthermore, it could also synch to one platform and back to another without losing its connection.

It now seems that that boast is finally being implemented.

James Shields, the Senior Product Planner at Xbox, shared a video where he flipped from his laptop to Xbox and back again at the simple press of a button.

Okay, simple two presses of the sync button, but it’s a lot quicker than previous methods.

Shields also shared the following Xbox News post, which detailed the ins and outs of the firmware update.

Currently, the update is only available to people enrolled in the Xbox Insiders programme.

However, the update should become available to all Xbox users (or at least control owners) in the near future.

The update includes better cross-platform connectivity and reduced latency (using Dynamic Latency Input). Be sure to check out the above post to find out exactly what that entails.

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