May 22, 2022

New Worms Game Teased by Team17

Team17 will be returning to their roots as they look to release a new Worms game this year. There’s little information available currently, but one thing’s for sure: Worms just will not die

Team17, the quaint British developers responsible for The Escapists, YookaLaylee, and more, will be returning to their roots in 2020.

The developers teased a new Worms game with a nice little Twitter post honouring (and then literally smashing) the franchise’s past.

Promising to bring the familiar Worms back “as never seen before”, Team17 teased “New Worms, [and] new ways to play”.

“Grab your Bazooka and jump on your Sheep, the Worms are back in 2020 like you’ve never seen them before.

New Worms, new ways to play”.

Fans of the Worms franchise will also recognise iconic weapons such as the Baseball Bat, Grenade, and Holy Hand Grenade present in the teaser. What these “new ways to play” could mean is anyone’s guess right now. With well over 20 games spread across 25 years, Worms is one of gaming’s most resilient of franchises.

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