May 28, 2022

New Warzone Killstreak Drop Rate Already Reduced

Warzone Season 6 has dropped and one of its new additions has already had to be calibrated due to the effect on the battle royale game mode.

Picking up the new killstreak called Foresight allows you to see all of the upcoming circles and plan accordingly.

Which as you can imagine is a pretty big advantage if you don’t have to worry about where the circle is going next and having to plan your positioning on the fly, risking an early finish to your round (top 10 or bust, right?).

This allows players to set up in the games final circle and hunker down, assumedly PKM in hand (my personal gun of choice).


Is Foresight Necessary?

Though this seems to defeat the purpose of a battle royale as well as give certain teams a massive advantage that could offset skill and alter the experience.

And now it seems the killstreak has been dropping rather regularly, forcing Infinity Ward to jump in and reduce the drop rate in the name of balance, but it that enough?

It’s not exactly an in-game tweak that’s been called for and begs the question whether it is necessary at all?

With season 6 of warzone under way don’t expect this to be the only tweak from Infinity Ward, with the usual weapon balances and small glitch fixes expected for what could be the final season of Warzone as we know it before the release of Cold War.


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