May 16, 2022

New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Adds in Ewoks

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has had a trouble launch but is recovering from its past mistakes. After a long set of decent free updates, DICE is adding more to it’s shooter. Most of this content coming is focused on original trilogy era additions.

New Classes Incoming

Two new classes are coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2. The first of these are the fan favorite cuties of the Star Wars Universe, Ewoks. Players can now pit the small furry creatures of the forest moon of Endor against the evil Empire. But the Imperials aren’t without new back up though.

The Imperial Security Bureau agent will be blasting it out with their double blaster combo. The ISB agent also has the ability to scan to see nearby enemies and also run around the map at high speeds. She will also have a battle cry to motivate and buff her teammates on the battlefield. Topping off the class is the ability to charge up a long range power shot to deal extra damage.

Ewoks will have the usual bow weapons, along with a throw-able firefly like grenade that will stun and damage enemies. They also are smaller targets so they will have that going for them as well. Rounding them off will be their ability to see through walls and cover nearby to spot enemies at a short range.

New Co-op Inbound

Coming also in the community update are the addition of new co-op maps. These new maps are mostly for the age of Rebellion, These include: The Second Deathstar, Yavin 4 Temple, multiple locations on Tatooine, and the Forest of Endor. Fans of Solo: a Star Wars Story will be happy to see the Mines of Kestle coming to the game. Also coming for co-op, is the Clone Wars era interior of both the Separatist and Republic Capital Ships.

New blasters, pistols and laser weapons are also coming as well. These will also allow customization like most of the weapons in the game, allowing player fine tuning.

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