June 30, 2022

New Splinter Cells added to Backwards Compatibility

Today marks a glorious day for fans of the Splinter Cell franchise as two more of the brilliant series games have been added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. You can see the Tweet direct from Ubisoft below:

Now I understand that this is no E3 announcement of a brand new game that we were all wishing for but at least we get to enjoy two of the best games in the series on our shiny new consoles.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent – After losing his daughter, NSA operative Sam Fisher is given his most dangerous assignment yet: go undercover with a terrorist organization.

  • Return to the last of the “classic” Splinter Cell games with the traditional stealth mechanics and a very enjoyable moral system that affects gameplay by what your given objectives are and what equipment you’re given at the start of each level.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – When Majid Sadiq, the leader of a terrorist cabal known as “The Engineers” threatens the United States with “The Blacklist,” Sam Fisher and his top secret Fourth Echelon agents Must stop the attacks on American soil. Using a top of the range airborne command centre “The Paladin”; Fourth Echelon manoeuvre around the world,  trying to stop the attacks on America’s homeland, and take down Sadiq. Can Sam and his team stop the threat?

  • Possibly one of the most underrated games in the series. This game received many negative views for taking a new direction and picking up where Conviction left off. Honestly though if you like all of the previous games then you will love this one. Yes, you will miss the vocal talents of Michael Ironside but the storyline is great and the gameplay is solid with a story that drives you on. There’s plenty of extras too including pure stealth missions, survival missions, elimination missions and even a fully co-op campaign so you can stealth it up with a buddy. Add to that the return of multiplayer with Spies Vs. Mercs and it’s one hell of a good package!

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