July 5, 2022

New Sea Of Thieves DLC Coming

Sea Of Thieves launched this March to good reviews but there was huge concerns about lack of content. The people over at Rare LTD have tried to combat this worry with free DLC and on that note have announced their second DLC, Cursed Sails.

Cursed Sails releases on 31st July and brings with it a “Time-Limited Campaign”, a new bout called the Brigantine and a new Alliance System that encourages players to team up to take on challenges. Maybe the most exciting addition coming in July’s update is the integration of NPC manned ships, crews of skeleton marauders will now hunt you and draw you into epic sea battles.

Cursed Sails will change things forever on the Sea of Thieves, as the sails you see cresting the horizon are no longer guaranteed to be other players making their own way through the world. The decks beneath those masts may now be manned by skeletal marauders returned to the seas from their restless graves. All that sustains these grinning terrors is a thirst for battle that leads them to terrorise Outposts and call out defenders to face them on the tides…”

Sea Of Thieves seems to be going from strength to strength with each DLC and is also part of Xbox’s highly successful Game Pass, so why don’t you pick it up and let us know in the comments what you think of Rare’s epic adventure and its subsequent additions.

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