July 3, 2022

New Rumour Suggests Xbox Series X Will Play Steam and Epic Store Games

This one is only a rumour, so please don’t shoot the messenger!

LadBible has noted how a recent rumour suggests Microsoft’s upcoming console might play more than just Xbox/PC games. Yes, aside from the obvious games released, the new Xbox might also have access to Steam and Epic Games Store.

Now, again, this being a rumour, we can neither confirm nor deny its authenticity. However, according to insiders within the Xbox community, the new console will feature a “Windows Mode”. Meaning, in short, that the OS will be able to switch between the Xbox and a Windows 10 system.

Presumably, from there, you could access your Steam or the Epic Games Store libraries and bring them to the Xbox.

Microsoft, Epic, and Steam Games All Under One Roof?

Whether this rumour holds any water is yet to be seen. If it does, the number of games available will make the current Game Pass offerings seem meagre in comparison.

And, as I’m sure you’ll know, that is saying something!

Of course, this concept isn’t totally outside the realms of possibility. One of Microsoft’s main aims with the Series X has been unifying gaming access. Big Phil Spencer’s comrades mentioned how the new Xbox will feature extensive cross-play between the Xbox One, PC, and new console from launch.

Excuse Me For a Moment Whilst I Pinch Myself to Ensure I’m Not Dreaming

Furthermore, Xbox was the main instigators allowing players to play Fortnite and Minecraft with Switch and even PlayStation 4 players!

We will have to wait and see whether this dream becomes a reality. If it does, however, the possibilities for gaming on the Xbox Series X just became a whole lot more attractive.

Without sounding too much like an Xbox Fanboy here, your move PlayStation.

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