May 19, 2022

New Rumour Suggests Elder Scrolls Getting Netflix Adaptation


According to a recent rumour from industry insider Daniel Richtman [via GameRant], The Elder Scrolls could be the next game franchise to receive a Netflix adaptation.

Now, this being a rumour, it’s still unconfirmed by Bethesda, Netflix, or anyone relevant to either party.

However, Richtman’s rumour could be onto something. Netflix has famously made massively successful series from The Witcher and Castlevania. Plus, Fallout 4 is getting the TV series treatment courtesy of Amazon. Though, we’re still waiting to see what occurs with that, to be honest.

Sadly, there’s little else to comment on this story currently, obviously. However, as is often the case, we’ll have more on this story when (or maybe if) it becomes available.

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