New PS5 Firmware Out Today FINALLY Enables SSD Expansion

New PS5 Firmware Out Today FINALLY Enables SSD Expansion

The latest PS5 Firmware update has gone live today, and it finally allows players to download and run games of the consoles’ M.2 SSD storage slot, as well tweaks to the UI and 3D Audio support for built-in speakers.

The update, which has already been available for beta testers was unveiled in a slick video over on the PlayStation Youtube channel. Check it out below!

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As well a squashing a few bugs, the new update allows streamers the option to choose between 720p and 1080p when streaming on PlayStation Now. The 3D Audio support is also a welcome feature for those gamers that play using their built-in speakers. The console will optimise the audio by using the acoustics of your room captured by the microphone in your controller… how cool is that?!

But back to the most important part of the update… and no I’m not talking about the trophy tracker which lets you view up to five trophies to quickly view how you are doing.

This is where I currently store all my external hard drives

The SSD storage expansion is welcome update, as some players have started to find storage space getting a tad tight shall we say. Previously we’ve been able to store games on external hard drives, but in order to play them, they’d have to be transferred back over to the inbuilt memory to be played. Thankfully we won’t have to do that for much longer

There is however a small problem…SSD’s can be SUPER expensive, especially as, in order to work with your PS5, they’ve got to meet certain requirements in order to work correctly. Thankfully Sony has issued a guide on the requirements.

Even after a quick look at everyone’s favourite online buying emporium (You know who I mean, that;’s the one, the one with the same name as the rainforest), your cheapest option is about £60 but that’s only for 250GB and doesn’t come with a heatsink, which you’ll need to stop it over heating.

If you decide to purchase one with a heatsink AND want a bit more space, you’re looking at around the £170 mark for 1TB of space. Hopefully, in time these prices will drop as more and more PS5’s flood the market and other alternatives become available

And finally, PS4 users will also get an update that allows you to view your PS5 trophies on your profile and trophy list… which is nice.

And that’s it! It’s a big ol’ update from Sony… now to start saving for an SSD!

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