July 3, 2022

New European PUBG Pro League

In 2019 PUBG will launching it’s inaugural Pro-League season.  Similar to other esports leagues PUBG has created separate leagues for it’s North American and European teams.   PUBG Corp has joined forces with StarLadder for this league.   We will speak specifically about the design of the European League.  Details on the North American League have not been provided yet.


The season starts January 2019 with qualifying tournaments running from October to mid-December.   These tournaments will conclude with a 32 team LAN event to pick 16 teams for the pro league.  Pro League teams will play on a specifically designed Battle-Royale LAN-studio in one of the European Capitals.  The season will comprise of 3 phases with the top teams qualifying for an international event.  Teams that make it to the pro league will be provided with housing and travel support.  They will also receive a share of the league’s revenue.

Some aspects of the league are similar to other esports leagues however there is one main difference.  PUBG will not be following the franchise model, instead they will be following “a principle of promotion and relegation”.  Starting with an Open League, entry-level teams will get a chance to show their skills.   This section of the league is divided into 3 regions.  In the European League they are: Europe West, Europe East and Africa.  As teams increase their skill levels they can move into the Contenders League.

The Contenders league will encompass all of Europe.   From there a team can move to the Pro League.  The 2019 season will start with teams in each of the leagues.  The design of the league however does allow for movement of the teams after each phase.  To move up a league teams must win special promotion tournaments at the end of each phase.

The PUBG Corp has announced that the annual prize pool for the Pro and Contenders leagues will be €1,000,000.  This new league is also said to be part of  a 5-year plan to make a sustainable esports league.  Additional changes to the league are sure to come as the seasons get underway.

If you think your team has what it takes, head over to PUBG’s registration site for more information.   The European registration is now open.  The North American registration will be coming soon.

Source:  PUBG Corp. and StartLadder Press Release

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