July 1, 2022

New Prince of Persia Rumored to be Revealed Next Month

According to new rumours from a couple of Reddit users, a new Prince of Persia title will be revealed next month at a Playstation conference.

Apart from a brief dip into the mobile game scene, we haven’t seen a solid entry in the Prince of Persia series since The Forgotten Sands, back in 2010. (Yes it’s been that long)

That could be about to change soon thanks to those aforementioned rumours. A new entry into the series could be revealed next month.

Prince of Rumours

The rumours come from a couple of Reddit users, Donato Andrea and DanielBryan_2. The former claims to have been contacted by someone who is claiming to work at Ubisoft.

I will emphasize the word rumours, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to get a little bit excited.

Since the staff members account has been deleted there is no way to prove these claims. The new game is, apparently, called “Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon“. I love a cheesy-cool title, so this at least hit’s the spot for me!

According to Donato Andrea, Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon is;

“…set after The Two Thrones in an alternate, almost dystopic version of Babylon which can be explored to a certain extent”.

We’ll come back to that a bit later. Andrea continues, saying;

“The gameplay will be very similar to the trilogy, yet will somewhat feel different. You play as an older Prince. The main antagonist is an evil version of the Prince that comes from a different timeline”.

He goes on to say;

“You’ll be able to customize the Prince’s armour and abilities like in the new God of War, from which seems to take a lot of inspiration. It is scheduled to be announced at the PlayStation Meeting in February and will be a cross-gen title. Release date is early 2021.”

Could We See a Next-Gen Prince of Persia Game?

I mean, inspired by God of War can only be a good thing right? As for the release window of 2021, this seems to make sense. Giving it over a year from the reveal to release.

Onto DanielBryan_2, who claims to have seen a short 50-second teaser of the new title as well as Splinter Cell games. Ubisoft showed these off at a conference in Belgrade, Serbia. Allegedly.

He writes:

“They said that they will use new engines for both game. PoP and SC will be linear, and story will be like soft-reboot… PoP will have mixed combat gameplay from Trilogy, story will continue from PoP T2T but will have some new elements”.

This is lining up nicely with what Donato Andrea mentioned. Admittedly lending some strength to the claims.

Considering what we saw in 2018’s God of War, and what we’ve heard from these Redditors, we can take a bit of a stab at how the game will bet set up.

According to the posts, the game will be linear, with Babylon being explorable to some extent. We can guess at the title being semi-open world, and along with that, there’s the mention of customizable armour and abilities. This does suggest that we’ll at least be able to go off the beaten path, or revisit areas.

Speculation aside, it’s only a matter of time before we find out if any of this holds any weight.

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