New Nintendo Switch Model Finally Revealed (Officially)

New Nintendo Switch Model Finally Revealed (Officially)

There’s no smoke without fire. And in the case of the long rumoured unveiling of the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch family, the rumour mill has been burning long and hard. Finally, Nintendo has revealed what you have been faithfully saving your pennies for since the less than spectacular Switch Lite reveal. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

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Due to release on October 8th this year, alongside the spectacular looking Metroid Dread, this latest model will feature a 7-inch…wait for it…OLED screen. It will also come equipped with 64GB of internal storage, new and improved built in speakers, and a wider stand for improved table-top gaming.

Of course, Nintendo made a big song and dance about how it’s E3 Nintendo Direct would focus entirely on software (and we were certainly not disappointed – see our recap of the very best E3 showcase here). But many were hopeful of a glimpse of what was next on the tech giant’s hardware roadmap. Luckily the wait for more info was not nearly as torturous as, say, the wait for the next Breath of the Wild instalment.

The Weight is Over

It’s heavier too, with the OLED model coming in at 320g, or 420g with both Joy-Cons attached. That’s a noticeable step up from the 297g, or 398g plus Joy-Cons of the older, non-OLED screen touting predecessor. There’s no change to screen resolution, which remains at 1280x720p, but the screen is larger, increasing from 6.2 to 7 inches. This will of course warrant a new dock, and the OLED model comes with an Ethernet port for docked-online support.

Of course, Bloomberg reported that we would be getting a new Switch, with 720p OLED screen and a 4k output when connected to a TV. Whilst it missed the mark on the 4k promise, we suppose one out of two ain’t so bad. But with reports of the new hardware spanning back to 2019, it’s incredible to think that, on official reveal we have but a few short months to wait before we can get our hands on this sexy little beast. It’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t consider this approach for some of its software announcements. Play through number 8 of Breath of the Wild, here we come.

Source; Eurogamer

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