May 22, 2022

Fuser, Harmonix’s New Music Game, Launches This November

Fuser, the new music mixing game by developer Harmonix, is releasing on November 10th of this year.

Harmonix is known for it’s ongoing library of music games. The company was part of the development of the early Guitar Hero games, and later went on to develop the Rock Band games.

Fuser is a bit different than Rock Band though. It’s almost as if Fuser is to Rock Band what DJ Hero was to Guitar Hero. In Fuser, the player controls a DJ in a music festival (Tomorrowland fans rejoice!). The game offers a broad selection of music tracks to choose from, and the player gets to mix four of these tracks at a time. Each of the four slots represents a different part of the song (drum, bass, lead instrument, vocals). It’s the player’s job to decide what part of which track plays at any given time.

Become the DJ you always wanted to be

The origin of Fuser is a 2017 game by Harmonix called DropMix. DropMix is a card game in which players lay down five cards on a board to create various tracks. Similarly to Fuser, in DropMix each card represents a different part of a track. Those parts combine together to create new song mixes.

Fuser will include over 100 different tracks. With each trailer coming out there are more artists revealed to be in the game. These include names like Imagine Dragons, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and much more. It should be mentioned that Rock Band 4 is still receiving new songs as DLC, so it’s safe to assume the same will be done for Fuser.

Over 100 tracks at launch

So if you fancy creating some mixed tracks, all the while feeling like a music festival performer, be on the lookout for Fuser on November 10th. The game comes to all current gen platforms in two editions. The first is the base game for around $60. The second is the VIP edition, which costs around $100 and will include 25 additional tracks from the DLC that releases on the same day.

Source; Eurogamer

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