May 22, 2022

New Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Gameplay Video Debuts on TGS

The new gameplay video features gameplay of two of the game’s playable characters and a sneak peek at some of the new game’s mechanics.

We currently live in the age of online gaming shows, and TGS is no different. The four day event is just about to end, and yesterday we received our first look at some new gameplay footage of the new Hyrule Warriors game. The gameplay video was the centerpiece of a ~40 minute long panel. The panel also featured a new story trailer (with small bits of gameplay in it).

The new gameplay video shows around 13 minutes of new gameplay. From the looks of it, the new game is much more Zelda than Warriors (at least in relation to the previous Hyrule Warriors game). It takes many welcome inspirations from BoTW: art style, music, sound effects, gameplay mechanics and more.

YouTube player
The new gameplay video, chock-full of Hyrule Warriors goodness

These types of games are known for a big roster of playable characters. It is a safe bet that this game will be no different. So far, seven characters have been officially announced, with one more set to be announced today, the final day of TGS. The new video featured two of those characters: Link and Impa. Both characters appeared in the previous Hyrule Warriors game. However, both play quite differently this time around.

Link still has his trusty sword and shield combo. His move set seems more acrobatic and weighty than in the last game. Impa, on the other hand, received a complete overhaul. She now plays and attacks like a total ninja. If anything, her move-set seems more similar to Sheik from the previous game.

YouTube player
The new story trailer, featuring bits of gameplay of Hyrule’s four champions

There is much more to learn from the gameplay video, such as how the Sheikah slate is integrated, what the map looks like and more. For all of that, be sure to check out the gameplay video for yourself!

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