July 3, 2022

Is the New Home Of Indie Games the Nintendo Switch?

From the moment Nintendo announced the Switch would get more support from third party studios, it seems the Nintendo Switch has paved its way for indie titles, or ‘Nindies’ as they are known on the console.

We seem to be getting more and more titles added to the e-shop everyday, with more and more being added to the coming soon list.

Has Nintendo made a base for indie game developers? We think so. Some of the titles being released have been on Xbox and PlayStation 4 months or years before using either the ID@Xbox or PlayStation Self Publish programs. We’re guessing it doesn’t matter how old the title is to Nintendo, the developers or the publishers. The Switch has become a very popular console with it being both a handheld and home console. With every new addition to the e-shop or physical copy, it just cements the Switch’s popularity for indie game developers.

A few popular titles are:

Stardew Valley
The Escapist 2
Worms WMD
Earth Atlantis – Review Here
Flame In The Flood – Review Here
Mantis Burn Racing – Review Here
Human Fall Flat
Oxenfree, and many more!

All the above titles have been released on other platforms and have proved very popular, while I’m sure they will be just as popular on the Switch.  We could probably say there are more ‘Nindies’ on the e-shop than AAA Titles!

What do you think? does the Nintendo Switch hold up to become the top indie developer destination?

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