May 25, 2022

New Gameplay Footage of The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Emerges

Little Hope is the second episode that will be released in The Dark Pictures Anthology by Supermassive.

The game has unfortunately been delayed due to compilations arising from working remotely, which is a shame, but if the game benefits from this I’m all for it.

Kids Are Creepy Aren’t They

Check out 7 minutes of gameplay in the video below, that shows off quite a lot of game mechanics to wet your creepy whistle until the release date is confirmed.

The video opens as students from a crashed bus explore the area in search of help after narrowly avoiding hitting a child.

The area thick with fog and an ominous atmosphere that settles around the group as they make contact with a strangely dressed child.

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Supermassive have again changed the horror element by focusing on witchcraft this time in Little Hope, with a very Salem witch trial vibe.

Just like previous games by the developer the game play will swap between QTE’s, story influenced dialogue options and environmental exploration to choose your path through the story with multiple endings.

There will be a good deal of repeatability as you try to keep characters alive and try different routes through the story.

Following solid reviews for Man of Medan and Until Dawn, Supermassive will be looking to bring the jump scares once more and use your own decisions to tailor the experience to the player.

With no release date set in stone as yet, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to sink your teeth into the game when it releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Sourced from: PC Gamer

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