May 27, 2022

New Difficulty Added To Destiny 2

Bungie recently announced that a new difficulty option for their Nightfall Strikes will be added to Destiny 2. The new difficulty is called Grandmaster and is designed to really test the skill of the players.


Grandmaster Nightfalls will be 1050 Power activities. However, Power will always be capped at 1025. This means that the players will always be somewhat underleveled, no matter what, thus increasing the challenge. This will also keep the playing field even. Players won’t have to grind in order to over level their Artifact in order to offset the Power requirement.

Grandmaster Difficulty

Bungie wants the new difficulty to push players to the extreme. They want to emphasize build crafting and coordination, between players more than any other activity, in the game. Bungie also thinks that “completion should be the primary metric for success, rather than score or time or another in-activity metric like ‘killing all Champions’”.

Bungie will also add both new and familiar modifiers, with the release of Grandmaster difficulty. Extinguish, for example, which returns you to orbit if your entire team dies, makes a return. Another is Limited Revives, which – as the name hints at – starts you with a limited number of revives, which can be increased by killing Champions. Bungie hasn’t yet confirmed it but dataminers has found signs of a modifier which will increase the number of Champions.

Important To Be “Watchable”

Bungie also says that “Grandmaster should be watchable.” This most likely means alluring to Twitch and YouTube streamers-and audience. However, they also say that “the main draw of the mode is the new Seal and title available for beating each of the Grandmaster Ordeal Strikes once during the Season: Conqueror.”

More Loot

The main push for Destiny has always been loot. And with the new Grandmaster difficulty players will get an increased chance of getting Exotic armour and Master working materials like Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards.

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