May 19, 2022

New Bioshock Details Teased Via Job Listings

2K’s Cloud Chamber studio is currently hard at work on the newest instalment of the Bioshock franchise. The team is looking for help with development as a result of the studio’s recent opening.

Cloud Chamber was established in December 2020.

Cloud Chamber’s job listings cite 41 new positions. As noted by Gamesradar, a listing for a senior AI engineer mentions;

“…we have high ambitions for tying AI and storytelling together. [and] it will be your responsibility to crystallize that ambition around several AI systems”.

“…we are trying some new and ambitious things with AI in this game. [and] we want someone comfortable with pushing the state of the art and experimenting with unproven ideas. [We] are looking for someone who believes in an iterative, experimental approach to game development”.

A Rapture-ous Find!

Beyond this, another listing for a lead combat/AI designer asks for

“…an FPS combat paradigm that is accessible, satisfying, … a high degree of player expression and experimentation [within] a highly reactive world”.

Again, with 41 listings available at time of writing, there’s clearly a whole heap of work that needs doing. The team will be using Unreal Engine 4 to make the new game.

Cloud Chamber’s California and Montreal locations will work collaboratively on the new project.

2K President David Ismailer spoke about how the newest BioShock would deliver “a powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay”.

Are We Columbia Bound?

There’s a really interesting listing that calls for a Lead World Designer. Could this mean the new game takes place in a new location beyond Rapture or Columbia?

The listing asks for someone who will;

“…love sitting at the nexus of story, architecture and design. You love games that create a symbiosis between them, and you’re motivated by the idea of creating resonant, emotional experiences through gameplay. [You] care about building a richly interactive world that feels inhabited and genuine. [You] have a deep understanding of how to create a compelling systemic environment that players are hungry to explore”

This doesn’t give much away in terms of where we’ll find ourselves in BioShock 4. But it sure does create interest!

Would you like to step back into Rapture with its flooded, Art-Deco architecture complete with stomping Big Daddies? Or perhaps you’d prefer another romp around picture-perfect Columbia complete with idyllic Americana culture, amoral racism and zealous, religious overtones?

Either way, we’re finally getting another BioShock. Despite scarce details, I’m already reminiscing of time spent whacking Splicers over the head with a big old wrench.

Naturally, the game is not due for release for another few years, but at least there is hope now.

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