New Age of Empires Merch celebrates the true hero!

New Age of Empires Merch celebrates the true hero!

If like me you have fond memories of Age of Empires and want to show your appreciation, then Microsoft have the answer!

Newley released on the merch store, there is a whole host of goodies to feast your eyes on, including a sweatshirt that FINALLY gives the sheep the credit they deserve…as master scouts!

It’s on a sweatshirt, so it must be true!

Yes, you read that correctly, SCOUTS! Any seasoned player of Age of Empires 2 will know that the best way to scout out a map…is to use a sheep.

Of course AoE players will argue if its a good idea or just a waste of food, but you can’t deny their usefulness when things look baaaad (sorry).

So what else have they offered?

If you wear this around town, everyone starts following you (effect not guaranteed)

Aside from the standard t-shirts and tote bag, which looks really nice, until you notice the giant AoE logo on the reverse, we’ve also got some very classy drinkware in the form of a stein, tumbler and a laser engraved wine glass. (so you can enjoy your opponent’s defeat with a nice chilled chianti).

There are also so some very warm looking sherpa blankets because even conquers like to snuggle. Although the description sounds like its looking for a stable relationship ‘This blanket is the perfect addition to your home, it looks good and is a nice companion on cool nights.’

At least you don’t need Wood, Meat or Stone to buy these…just Gold.

Oh by the way, if your fellow AoE players are annoying you just wave your hands in the air and shout ‘Wololo’ over and over again, this will cause them to turn and attack their best friend (Effect not guaranteed, ABG can not be held responsible for any consequences)

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