Necropolis Suite Announced with Trailer

Necropolis Suite Announced with Trailer

Independent game developer Freesphere Entertainment have announced their first title Necropolis Suite.

Necropolis Suite, is an immersive narrative-driven cosmic horror game about discovery, knowledge, and the meaning of transcendence. Can you escape the terror that lurks in the suite?

Debut Trailer

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The Name’s Chambers, JP Chambers

Whitechapel, London, 1886. Deep in the city’s infamous east end stands a house, perched on the borders of this twisted dreamscape we call reality.

Within these chambers, sheltered by shadow from the prying eyes of the city, Frederick Ulaevan probes the fringes of understanding in an attempt to uncover the occult truths of the universe.

You are JP Chambers, a Detective for the newly created Metropolitan Police Force based out of Whitechapel.

When the mad Ulaevan turns himself in, raving about dark visions and unspeakable secrets, you must go to his estate and discover what has actually taken place within the impossible twists and loops of the architecture.

It is said that madness is repetition, and you must navigate a cycle of insanity as you acquire forbidden knowledge on your quest for the truth.

Discover a big chatty eye

Harness The Forbidden Knowledge

The more you learn, however, the more you lose your grip on reality.

Succumbing to madness will start your journey over, but you keep the knowledge you’ve gained, using it to get a little further, to learn a bit more before insanity inevitably overtakes you once more.

Live. Learn. Die. Transcend.

Necropolis Suite is a truly immersive horror adventure blending classic Lovecraftian narrative with German expressionism and Soulsborne sensibilities lovingly enveloped in the gaslight romanticism of Victorian England.

Necropolis Suite brings fresh ideas to the narrative horror space, add it to your Steam Wishlist today.

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